Sustainability Approach

PPG’s culture of continuous improvement in every aspect of our business underpins our approach to sustainability. Whether it’s increasing the efficiency of our operations or developing our people, our improvement efforts naturally extend to many areas that impact our sustainability performance.

We have a formal structure to ensure continuous improvement in the sustainability of our global operations. Our sustainability vision and values provide the foundation for all of our sustainability efforts. Our Sustainability Committee establishes policies, programs, procedures and goals to address sustainability in our business practices. Most of the committee’s members, who are appointed by our Executive Committee, are officer-level employees, providing leadership support and visibility. 

Providing a deeper focus on key aspects of our sustainability efforts are the Sustainability Committee’s standing subcommittees:

  • Resource Management;
  • Natural Resources and Climate Change;
  • Product Innovation and Marketing;
  • Wellness;
  • Purchasing; and
  • Manufacturing.

Driving our performance are measurable sustainability goals that address our biggest challenges and opportunities. We hold our locations and businesses accountable for achieving these goals, and we are transparent in our progress against each on a global level.

We periodically revise these goals to build upon our efforts and better represent the sustainability challenges and opportunities currently facing our business. We last updated the goals in 2017 due to the achievement many of our earlier goals and the changing makeup of our business portfolio following a series of divestitures and acquisitions.

Each year through the PPG Sustainability Awards program, we recognize outstanding projects completed by our employees, locations and businesses that significantly contributed to our sustainability progress. In 2018, we presented more than 230 awards in five categories — health and safety, environmental impact, wellness, community engagement and customer solutions. We also recognized programs that improved ergonomics through our separate PPG Ergonomics Award competition.

We estimate that projects honored by both internal awards programs saved more than $17 million in 2018 and helped us reduce our energy intensity, waste, water use, greenhouse gas emissions and injury rate.  

In early 2018, we recognized the following locations with our inaugural Environmental Excellence Award:

  • Albi, France
  • Aerospace Application Support Center, Miyoshi, Japan
  • Aerospace Application Support Center, Suzhou, China
  • Břasy, Czech Republic
  • Budapest, Hungary
  • Greensboro, North Carolina, USA
  • Huntsville, Alabama, USA
  • Kunshan, China
  • Ruitz, France
  • Søborg, Denmark
  • Valencia, Spain
  • Wuppertal, Germany

This annual award provides special recognition for up to 10 percent of our manufacturing facilities that have demonstrated sustained excellence in meeting PPG and regulatory environmental requirements and reducing their environmental footprint.

  • 230awards presented in 2018
  • 5PPG Sustainability Awards categories
  • $17MM in savings that helped us reduce our energy intensity, waste, water use, greenhouse gas emissions and injury rate