People Overview

The success of our company is tied to our people. We are committed to ensuring they are safe, healthy, engaged and valued for the diverse talents they bring to PPG. We offer development and advancement opportunities so they are equipped to make meaningful contributions, be successful and achieve their full potential. By fostering inclusiveness, welcoming diverse perspectives and empowering our people, PPG becomes more innovative, productive and competitive.

In 2018, we began transforming and modernizing our human resources function to further engage and empower our employees while improving trust, transparency and accountability. Starting in 2019, our businesses, functions and regions will be aligning to a global human resources standard. We also will be launching new tools and processes to give our managers and employees the information and resources they need to succeed.

Number of Employees
2014 44,400
2015 46,600
2016 47,000
2017 47,200
2018 47,100
2018 Employees by Region
  Asia Pacific Europe, Middle East and Africa Latin America North America Total
Male 5,732 11,167 5,096 13,227 35,222
Female 1,438 4,270 1,637 4,568 11,913
Total 7,170 15,437 6,733 17,795 47,135
2018 Employees by Employment Type
  Full-Time Part-Time Not Specified Total
Male 34,470 715 37 35,222
Female 11,201 696 16 11,913
Total 45,671 1,411 53 47,135