Learning and Development

With PPG’s increasingly global footprint and strategic focus on organic growth and innovation, our people are our most important competitive advantage.

A clear focus on learning and development is crucial to ensuring we keep our people engaged, productive and successful at every stage of their careers. We are committed to promoting from within wherever possible while also bringing in new ideas, thoughts and insights.

To ensure success, we offer a wide array of tools and training that includes:

  • Assessments;
  • Personalized performance and learning plans;
  • Formal and informal feedback;
  • Structured development programs;
  • Classroom, on-the-job and online learning;
  • Coaching; and
  • Mentoring.

Our vision and strategy for learning and development supports three key areas: engage the organization, cultivate a customer-focused organization, and drive growth and profitability. We are also transitioning more of our training from traditional classroom learning to content that is available to our employees when and where they need it to create a more agile organization.

Our Global Core Curriculum is built around our leadership characteristics and serves as the foundation for our learning and development architecture. With this architecture, we are accelerating our leadership pipeline via three talent pools with the following dedicated development for each:

Emerging leaders

The Emerging Leader Program builds upon the Global Core Curriculum with courses on leading self, leading others and leading the organization.

Regional general manager/head of function

Our development program explores executive judgment, customer focus, driving growth, enterprise perspective and engaging the organization.

Global vice president/head of function

We focus on executive leadership and accelerated individual executive development through experiences, coaching, mentoring, outside executive education and exposure to thought leaders.

We also continued developing our functional leaders – manufacturing, technical, supply chain, human resources, finance and more – at local, regional and global levels during 2018 through role-specific training and a global development network.

To ensure nearly 1,400 of our new managers and supervisors globally are ready for the leadership levels through which they will pass, we began piloting the Essentials of Leadership program with 27 participants in two countries in 2018. The program provides individuals new to managing teams with solid leadership fundamentals in areas such as coaching and building high performing teams. The pilot participants spent a combined 540 hours on learning during 2018.

We launched our Sales Excellence Academy in 2018 and are rolling it out globally in 2019. The academy equips our sales managers and representatives with a common language as well as a skillset and toolset to build stronger customer relationships. In 2018, the program reached more than 1,700 employees who underwent nearly 2,100 hours of combined training. A major success was a 2018 sale worth more than $1 million that we directly attribute to the training.

“Exposure to leadership development seminars and PPG’s executive management really helped me figure out the career path that I wanted to follow. The program put me ahead of my peers in terms of professionalism, ethics and technical ability. I feel like I can bring each of these newly developed skills into the workplace as I start full time with PPG in its Manufacturing Development Program.”

Scott McKeon
Member of the Michigan State University class of 2019 and a PPG Primers graduate

We also launched a program to expand and increase the rigor of our language training using an innovative online platform that combines online learning and virtual live training. More than 1,000 employees from 33 countries have signed up for this program in 2019.

In 2018, we provided approximately 10,000 employees globally with access to one of the world’s largest online learning platforms, which features topic-specific content created by leading experts. Accessible at work and home and through a mobile device, the 6,500 online courses cover many aspects of professional and personal development.

In 2019, we will be rolling out a single learning platform that will streamline access to all of our offerings and also facilitate a collaborative learning environment.

Learn more about our approach to learning and development on our Global Careers website.

  • 10,000employees globally with access to one of the world’s largest online learning platforms
  • 6,500online courses cover many aspects of professional and personal development