We believe that having quality dialogue with our people, recognizing the value they bring and championing an authentic culture generates engaged employees and a company that is more innovative, productive and competitive.

In 2018, we conducted an in-depth review of our engagement efforts to determine what was effective and where we had opportunities to improve. The result of this analysis and research is the PPG Way, which outlines our cultural journey. Launched in January 2019, this initiative will change our culture and further enable, empower and engage each employee to implement the strategies needed to strengthen our position as an industry leader.

Employee engagement is a measure of how authentic we are living our culture. In 2018, we transitioned from an annual engagement survey to the PPG Pulse Survey, which we will conduct multiple times per year. We are using the results from the first survey in November 2018 to increase dialogue among teams and implement meaningful action to improve results.

We continued our engagement coaching program for supervisors and managers in 2018. Under this program, our human resources professionals and managers with high engagement scores assist their peers through coaching, mentoring and the sharing of engagement best practices.

We also conducted 72 Engaging Conversations workshops during the year, reaching more than 550 employees. These highly interactive sessions provide a learning experience for managers and team leaders to explore, practice, obtain feedback on and develop their skills in building engagement with their teams through everyday interactions.

We have a variety of formal award programs focused on sales, sustainability, health, wellness and other important aspects of our company. These are supplemented with informal everyday recognitions from our leaders that are equally important, such as recognizing a person during a team meeting, giving gift cards for superior performance or simply telling someone he or she is appreciated.

A measure of our engagement success is turnover rate, which was 17 percent in 2018.

The PPG Way

Every single day at PPG:

We partner with customers to create mutual value.
We are insightful, dedicated and proactive. We have intimate knowledge of the market and our customers. We focus on practical solutions that make a difference.

We leverage our scale to reach new markets and introduce inventive technologies.
We are better and stronger together – ‘One PPG’ to the world – as we differentiate and disrupt our markets.

We trust our people every day in every way.
We enable and empower our people to make the right decisions. We are inclusive, transparent and respectful. Our feedback is clear and actionable.

We make it happen.
We have a passion for winning. We achieve. We deliver with discipline and integrity. We bring our best energy to our work. We are nimble.

We run it like we own it.
We respect one another by being responsible and accountable. We always act in the best interest of our company, customers, shareholders and our communities.

We do better today than yesterday.
We continuously learn. We develop our people to grow our businesses.