Stakeholder Engagement

We actively engage with stakeholders to better understand outside perspectives and priorities about our company and the industries and communities in which we operate. This engagement helps us build upon our sustainable business practices and improve our company as a whole.

Each of our locations, businesses and functions is expected to effectively engage its stakeholders, whom we identify as those entities that can affect or be affected by our actions, objectives and policies. This engagement is conducted on an ongoing basis, and the following provides a snapshot of how we establish and maintain productive relationships with our key stakeholder groups.

PPG Engagement Strategy
Stakeholder Group Typical Engagement Activities
  • Companywide CEO video and email messages and informal question-and-answer sessions with leaders
  • Daily intranet articles, employee magazines and regional publications
  • Regular employee communications and town hall meetings involving executives, business leaders and site managers
  • Training and development programs
  • Human Resources Service Center
  • Family-inclusive activities, such as open houses
  • Diversity councils
  • Wellness programs
  • Dispute-resolution programs
  • Global employee engagement surveys and initiatives
  • Open-door programs
  • Collective bargaining
  • Ethics helpline
  • Quality programs
  • Recognition events
  • Ongoing relationship building
  • Account management interaction 
  • Trade shows
  • Industry gatherings
  • Technical and application support
  • Training sessions and workshops
  • Company-owned stores
  • Broad distribution channels
  • Customer service call centers
  • Advertising and marketing communications
Investors and analysts
  • Activities reported to select federal agencies
  • Visits to elected officials and agencies and international government officials
  • PPG’s employee political action committee
  • Government affairs website
  • Industry and trade association involvement
  • Plant tours and site visits for government officials
Philanthropies, nonprofits and nongovernmental organizations
  • PPG Foundation
  • Corporate charitable contributions, including dinners and events
  • Employee giving programs
  • Corporate Global Charitable Contributions Program (Asia Pacific; Europe, Middle East and Africa; and Latin America) 
  • China corporate social responsibility committee and program
  • Canadian charitable contributions and employee programs
  • Disaster response
  • One-on-one meetings and site visits
  • Sponsorships
  • News releases and publicity
  • Family programs
Residents of communities where PPG operates
  • Charitable giving programs
  • Site visits by community emergency services
  • Local sponsorships
  • Public education support and interaction
  • Community boards
  • Open houses
  • Community meetings and events
  • Community volunteerism
  • Community steering committees
  • Local media relations
  • Industrial park membership
  • Community advisory panels
  • Hazardous waste collection events
  • Chamber of commerce memberships
  • State or city industrial association memberships
  • Permit hearings

Industry Engagement

We actively work with the following industry associations by maintaining board and other leadership positions.

American Chemistry Council, American Coatings Association< ECOA, CEPE, FIPEC, National Association of Manufacturers

In addition, we are an active participant in the RESPONSIBLE CARE® and COATINGS CARE® initiatives.